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Brad, Holleywood Ranch…

Holleywood Ranch in Holley, Oregon is home of some of the highest grade petrified wood in the Pacific Northwest. Researchers have identified 65 species on the property so far!  Many of which were said to be among some of the highest quality and widest variety found worldwide!  Please feel free to read an extensive report of findings published by the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.

At present time, we have rounds ranging from 1 inch to 3 feet in diameter. The chunk wood ranges from beautiful landscape wood to very rare high grade Lapidary Sycamore. We are currently selling chunks and slabs of petrified wood.  Each piece is unique in quality and variety, which is professionally appraised and priced accordingly. Please contact Brad for details on pricing for our petrified rounds and chunk wood.

Can you dig it?  Yes you can! Learn more about our “fee digs” and get you or your group scheduled today!

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Holleywood Ranch
26250 Old Holley Rd
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